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Instructions to Authors


Scope and policy


The Journal is published in English. The primary goal of Latin American Applied Research is to act as a forum for communications across all branches of Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Heat & Mass Transfer, Applied Mechanics and Control & Information Processing, and especially to facilitate interaction between theory and experimental set-up. Submission of a contribution is taken to manifest the fact that the submission has not been submitted, accepted, published, or copyrighted elsewhere in the same form. Articles and any other material published in Latin American Applied Research represent the opinion of the authors and should not be considered to reflect the opinion of the Editors and the Editorial Press. All manuscripts will be assessed by at least two independent referees, preferably one from Latin America and the other from outside. The names of reviewers are kept confidential and the manuscript will not be returned to the authors. Once a paper is accepted for publication, the author is assumed to have transferred the copyright for it to the Publisher. The Publisher will not, however, put any limitation on the personal freedom of the author to use material contained in the paper in other works.



Types of publications


a) REVIEWS -Critiques of important areas of the subjects of interest, written to inform the general readers of the background, state of the art, and outstanding research problems.
b) RESEARCH PAPERS -Full-length papers describing important new experimental or theoretical results. Multiple part papers are discouraged.
c) NOTES -These should contain comments or remarks submitted by readers or authors in connection with previously published material.


Submission of manuscripts


The manuscript should rarely exceed 10 pages in camera-ready format for Reviews and Research papers. A charge per page will be applied for those articles exceeding 10 printed pages in camera ready format. The instructions and macros for camera-ready format can be consulted in the web page of the journal: The authors are strongly encouraged to follow those guidelines to speed up the publication process. The Editorial Management will perform a style revision of any manuscript between two and four months of the acceptation date. The authors should contact the Editorial Management or the Editors-in-Chief in case they do not receive the corrections before four months of the acceptation date. Three full copies should be sent directly to the appropriate Subject Editor. In case of doubt, please send the copies to any of the Editors-in-Chief.


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