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 SciELO   The Digital Library - Portal of Journals of Social Sciences is one of the elements eventually be integrated into a digital library, known today as well as institutional repository.

Considerations of OAI / PMH (Open Archives Initiative / Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) are central in the conceptual design of the project. The editorial boards of journals in the Social Sciences of the UNS are in various stages of organization and have decided to address the challenge of adopting standards and criteria from Latindex and SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online).

At this stage of the project, while taking decisions that aim to integrate all the journals in the SciELO Argentina, it seems appropriate Central Library that accompanies the editorial boards at its end, integrating the technology platform and supporting other initiatives to facilitate the automation of publishing scientific papers in college argentina.


 about this site   

This is the home page of the Biblioteca Digital Site.

SciELO methodology provides for the construction of local sites published digital academic journals.

The Biblioteca Central of the UNS, through its participation in the project SciELO Argentina has the resources (human and infrastructural) qualified for their use as local.

The first content deals with magazines in the social sciences, under the PROSOC project, which includes the digitization of publications departments academic social scientists from the UNS.



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